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Nature Cycle - The Backyard Market Garden

Nature Cycle is small-scale family Market Garden operating in a conventional residential yard focused on growing assorted greens and salad mixes for the Brisbane community. In 2017 with only 420m2 of cultivated production beds the Market Garden produced 1200kg of seasonal produce with each m2 of bed space averaging $39.30 in turnover. With operating margins sitting around 46%, Nature Cycle Market Garden is proving that a city market garden can provide for the needs of the operators, the residents and the city in which it resides.

Nature Cycles motto is 'Local, Sustainable, Fresh' and that is how we see the future of agriculture. The Nature Cycle Market Gardening system is based around the constant growth of quality, not quantity, in order to maximize the use of space, optimize processes and facilitate an environment which is beneficial for plant growth. Not only is this developing healthy, long term production systems but it is increasing profit margins and decreasing waste generated. 

Soil health is maintained via the cycling of nutrients through onsite worm farms, compost bays, nutrient ferments and organic teas. A culture of onsite microorganisms is brewed using the leaves and roots of onsite plants which is regularly added to the soil and compost to ensure biologically active soils. We are currently utilizing a waste management system with some of our clients where we collect their excess organic waste, recycle the nutrients and utilize it for future crop amendments.

We are striving to incorporate Market Gardening in our cities as it as a sustainable alternative to providing local cuisine and reducing waste. There is a strong platform currently growing for locally grown, ethically sourced, fair trade food and I believe this allows for a strong diversified local market. Locally grown produce is as fresh as it gets and we can combine sustainable growing systems into this growing platform to support and sustain a sustainable agriculture model throughout the city of Brisbane!